Welcome to the NASPL 2023 Registration Site! 

Brewing and Milwaukee go hand in hand. Wisconsin has long been known for its love of brewing beer, dating all the way back to the 1840s. Iconic brews born in Milwaukee include Miller, Schlitz, Pabst and Blatz, so you could say brewing the best is in our blood. Many breweries once called Milwaukee home, and this has helped bring Milwaukee to the top of the leaders list. That's why it was pretty easy and seemingly fitting that this year's NASPL theme is "Brewing the Best."

Brewing something great takes time and effort, and the planning for this year's event has been no exception. We have been carefully crafting a NASPL Annual Conference over this past year that we feel will give attendees a true Wisconsin experience. When we think of Wisconsin, we think of polka music, cheese in every form, sausage, cows, craft beer, and Old Fashioneds. We plan to surround you with all this goodness and so much more, and of course do it all with a "Midwest-nice" smile.

Please select box below if you are with a NASPL Lottery Member, NASPL Associate Member, 
or a Non-Member Lottery/Supplier.


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Registration Fees 

NASPL Lottery Member - $1,300
Employees of a government sanctioned NASPL Member state, provincial or other lottery. This does not include suppliers providing products or services to lottery clients.

NASPL Associate Member - $1,600
Employee/representative of a company that supplies goods and/or services to the lottery industry and is a current NASPL Associate Member.

Non-Member Lottery/Supplier - $2,000
Employee/representative of any lottery that is not a NASPL Lottery Member, or of a company that supplies goods and/or services to the lottery industry that is not a current NASPL Associate Member.

Accompanying Companion - $400
A spouse, partner or significant other of a paid registrant. Accompanying companion registration allows access to the Vendor Meet & Greet and daily lunches.